Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ok, I get it...

Ok, I am, make that was, the biggest supporter of Family Guy by Seth what's his name... But no more.  After tonight's episode of FG, I can't even say the name any more, I have ZERO respect for SM, I can't spell sh*t any more either, and his "brand" of humor.  I refuse to support FG any further and will not be purchasing any of his stupid dvd compilations.  I get stupid sh*t about animal "humor" from time to time, like the Simpson's where snowball II was ran over but eventually came back,  but tonight's episode of FG was so horrible and so "everything thats wrong with this world" about the way people treat animals that I refuse to watch another episode of Seth McFarlane's FG again.  The show hasn't been funny since season four so I could care less about going further.  And here is a little message to you, you closeted piece of crap (and yes we all know you're gay and can't admit it which is another reason why you suck), if you fuck up American Dad, I will forever banish you from our home and burn every stupid one of your DVD compilations that we own and never look back.  

Lance Rice
Pissed off Ex-Fan who gets "humor", but not your lame ass excuse for it...

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